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Carlow Digital Arts & Technologies, LLC

Carlow Digital Arts & Technologies, LLC (CDAT) is a Mississippi owned and operated technology company, specializing in custom management information systems, website applications, online eCommerce systems, and full-scale web-based enterprise resource planning systems. Our mission is to help our clients go completely paperless, as well as to eliminate time consuming tasks and costly labor involved in filing, processing, and storing information and paperwork.

CDAT works directly with your organization to custom design, build and implement a management system unique to the way you conduct business. In other words, we don't make you fit your business, agency or organization into a generic software product or online service. Instead, we design and develop applications around your way of doing business, and build management systems that are easy to learn and easy to use; but more importantly, work smoothly and efficiently for you, your staff, and your customers.

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CDAT will bring order to your paperwork chaos!

We help put an end to costly, time consuming, labor intensive routine office tasks, and bring filing and document management to a whole new level. When you add up the cost of office labor and office supplies your organization is spending each year to conduct business, a CDAT custom management system will likely pay for itself within the first few months to a year depending on the volume of business you process on a daily basis.

Simply stated, a CDAT management system is like the perfect employee who never calls in sick, is never late, and always shows up ready to work. Combine that with the perfect copy machine or printer that never wears out, never needs toner or ink, and never runs out of paper in the middle of a customer job. Plus, you will never run out of filing space, never have to purchase more filing cabinets, and put and end to expired document storage.

Time & Task Management - Consulting & Training

Building and designing management systems for our clients begins with evaluating how you and your staff conduct business and manage tasks on a day to day basis. CDAT management systems are not only designed to safe paper and ink, but primarily time and labor, so you and your staff can focus more on customer service and customer satisfaction than focus on tedious time consuming tasks to achieve the same result. CDAT works with clients to help identify areas where efficiency can be improved by automating or consolidating repetitious tasks and paperwork.

But we have always done it this way!

Nothing stops innovation more than being stuck in the past and believing there is no better way to achieve greater results than the way you have been doing it for years. Let's face it, 20 years ago you probably processed all that paperwork by typewriter and were likely glued to a desk phone instead of using a computer and cell phone as most of us do today. If you depend on spreadsheets and forms that must be manually processed or updated on a daily basis, CDAT will help you take a giant leap forward and move your business forward with automated reporting and processing of vital information, data and statistics.

Less time focusing on problems... more time working solutions!

Some organization spend more time over analyzing, over evaluating, and over documenting customer issues than they do focusing and working on the actual solutions to their customer complaints. Carlow Digital Arts & Technologies, LLC specializes in helping businesses achieve greater results for their customers by consolidating existing management systems and eliminating redundency and repetition.

Customer Relationship Management Systems

Carlow Digital Arts & Technologies, LLC specializes in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software and systems. We design and develop systems around our clients to empower them to stay in constant contact with propects and repeat customers. CDAT provides bulk email services, SMS text messaging services, social network integration, as well as customized automated communication systems designed to help you stay ahead of the competition and always in front of your customers.

Point of Sale Systems - Consulting & Training

Carlow Digital Arts & Technologies, LLC provides pre-planning consulting services and can assist with budgeting and procurement of specialized hardware and leading industry software designed specifically for managing your business. CDAT knows the right questions to ask when it comes to technology procurement. We thoroughly research vendors for their reputation, warranty and technical support. We help you make the right decisions that could mean the difference between a good or a bad customer experience.

CDAT also assists with the complete installation, setup, and customization of most leading Point of Sale (POS) systems for retail, restaurants, family entertainment centers, and other unique establishments. CDAT will assist with setting up menu screens and loading large item inventories into your POS. Once your Point of Sale system is up and running, CDAT can also provide custom documentation and training materials, as well as develop training programs for your current and future staff.


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