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How Secure Is Your Office?

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Don't believe it can happen to you?

The harsh reality is that small businesses across America are routinely hacked by both foreign and domestic cyber criminals.   If your business or organization stores any type of Personal Indentifiable Information (PII), you have a 33% risk of being targeted by hackers in 2016, and attacks on small businesses are expected to double in 2017.   Smaller organizations and businesses are easy targets to hackers because most are not monitored or protected by a full-time IT staff, and more often than not, are barely protected with only a basic consumer router meant for home use only.

Larger organizations are equally vulnerable. In fact, many larger organizations don't discover intrusions until after their information has been stolen, sometimes years after the data breach occurred, making it nearly impossible to track down and prosecute the culprits.

CDAT can help reduce the risk of your office being hacked by securing your network, computers and mobile devices, establishing firm access policies for your staff, and by helping you to train your staff on basic Internet and network street smarts.

Security Auditing Services

What We Do

Establish Policies

We assist you in establishing written policies for your staff, vendors & clients, and periodically audit & update your existing policies when neccessary.

Critical Policies Include

Information Communications Technology (ITC) General Policy
Staff & Vendor Confidentiality Statements & Policies
Staff Internet Acceptable Use
Statements & Policies
Staff Password & Security
Policies & Enforcement
HIPAA & FERPA Policies

Audit & Test

We periodically audit and test your network and office from the inside out for vulnerabilities that could potentially be exploited by hackers.

Auditing & Testing Includes

Incomming & Outgoing
Internet Exposure
Servers, Devices & Workstations
LAN Network Vulnerabilities
Wireless Network Vulnerabilities
Broadband Router & Firewall Vulnerabilities
Staff & Vendor Information Handling Vulnerabilities
HIPAA & FERPA Compliance

Train Personnel

We periodically review, train and update your staff and vendors of your policies, as well as best practices for protecting the personal information of your clients.

Training Areas Include

Acceptable Use Policies
Password Security Policies
Wireless Access Policies
End-User General Security
& Best Practices
Administrator Best Practices
Social Engineering Skills
How to Think like a Hacker
How to Identify & When to
Report Suspicious Activity

Protect Data

We help you establish and periodically audit and test your disaster recovery plan and verify data and file backup integrity.

Disaster Recovery Includes

Disaster Recovery Plan
On-site Backups
Cloud Security & Backups
User Access Control
User Permissions & Security
Scan, Clean & Update Servers & Workstations
Verify disk & Data Integrity

We audit, scan, & clean all devices on your business network for all threats, exploits & vulnerabilities


Annual Audit Levels

per audit
$600 annually

1 audit per year
up to 5 devices
$75 per device over 5

best practice
Bi-annual Audit
per audit
$900 annually

2 audits per year
up to 5 computers/devices
$60 per device over 5

per audit
$1200 annually

4 audits per year
up to 5 devices
$50 per device over 5

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